Company Registrations



Steps to reach your dream company

1) Select your company name and search its availability

Searching an unique company name can be done online via the website of the Department of the Registrar of companies (

Once company name selection is over, we recommend you to grab a domain name for your company. It may be Sri Lankan or International domain

The company name reservation is valid only for three months

2) Submission of company registration documents

After the company name approval is done you need to submit Form 01, 18 and 19 printed or typewritten as per the Section 475 of the Companies Act No 07 of 2007.

❖ Form 01- Incorporation of Company

❖ Form 18 – Consent and Certificate of Director/Directors

❖ Form 19 – Consent and Certificate of Secretary/Secretaries

It is compulsory to have a Secretary to your Company and the Secretary must be appointed before the incorporation of the company.

3) Submission Articles of Association

An article of Association is the constitution of your company. You can adopt either standard set of Articles of Association in Table A of the Companies Act of Sri Lanka or prepare by your own Articles of Association and submit two (02) copies to the Registrar of Companies.

4) Public Notice of Incorporation

After company incorporation is over, there is a mandatory procedure to give a public notice via Gazette notification and newspaper publication in three National languages which includes company name, company registration number and registered office address of the company.  

5) Issue of Shares

Company shares shall be issued to your company Shareholders after the public notice and the company must provide share certificate to them for the purpose of their entitlement in the company.

6) TIN Certificate

If your company is in the nature of Importing and exporting goods, you need to have a Tax Information Number.

Our charges for incorporation of company

TITLE   ,  COST    and    DURATION

Name selection & search  ,  Rs.2000/-

01 working day

Form 01 , Rs.4000/-

01 working day

Form 18  ,  Rs.2000/-

01 working day

Form 19 ,  Rs.2000/-

01 working day

Articles of Association

Rs.2000/-  ,  01 working day


Extra, Rs.2000/-


All above mentioned registration steps will be subject to 15% VAT.

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